Shootin’, prospectin’, drinkin’ and like as not, more shootin’!

A game with mortal humans in late 19th century North America. nWoD is just the ruleset, not an indication of imminent embrace, lurking werewolves, uncanny magery, ghosts or anything else that Man Was Not Meant To Know. There may well be Injuns (sorry, First Nation Americans).

Premise and Timeline

1873 – The Civil War has been over for 8 years. Citizens of the South have civil rights again and the nation is healing. Women still can’t vote though – that Amendment got sunk.

The Cavalry including the quite famous Lt. Col. Custer is fighting occasional indian uprisings. Land disputes flare between settlers and ranchers, but mostly the country is at peace. Cattle are driven across country to stockyards. The railroad continues to expand. Metal cartridges are now widespread instead of cap and ball.

Useful source material

Film: Unforgiven, The Wild Bunch, Once upon a time in the West, The Shootist, Open Range, Tombstone, Dances with Wolves, Wyatt Earp, Silverado, Blazing Saddles, A Fistful of Dollars etc.

TV: Deadwood, Firefly, Hell On Wheels

Games: Red Dead Redemption


Character archetypes

Gamblers, gunslingers, fortune-hunters, outlaws, frontiersmen, prospectors, thugs, ruffians, black hats, white hats

Rules Changes

The computer skill will be replaced by the more generic ‘Technology’ skill. Drive will be replaced by ‘Ride’. Handling wagons, stagecoaches etc will be Ride also. Driving a train would probably be Technology.

Gold and Lead

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