Gold and Lead

Damage Limitation

Rackworth maintains composure and treats the wounded
Sophia enlists the help of the tent city trappers to donate furs to keep the disposessed and wounded warm
Colt displays admirable common sense regarding potentially explosive buildings and also helps with makeshift repairs and firefighting
Alex fails to find explosives at Chateau Brendon
Liam and Buck apprehend Alex and Higgs in the action of ‘investigating’ the Chateau
Mr Brendon makes a tough decision

It’s 3 RL weeks until next session.
Get the story straight regarding what happened to Alex! He was seen post explosion by a number of townsfolk. He was also seen leaving towards the station by several.
Even if you don’t send a message of condolence to Governor McCook – you’ll want to explain his sudden absence to Rackworth and Colt and Sophia.

Other things on the go:

  • Investigating rumours of sabotage at the ATSF – Mr Colt was earmarked for equipment inspection
  • Keeping an eye on Jared and the Surveyors
  • The Grand Plan – Might be missing its accountancy analyst – maybe see if Sophia has a head for numbers?
  • Strange things afoot involving mist and attacks, possibly indian related
  • The Grand opening of the Railroad station and railyards at CaƱon City – UPRR is the current provider. (ATSF have also purchased land for sheds and rolling stock in anticipation of getting track up there at some point.



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