Gold and Lead

If it bleeds, we can kill it

The Party do some heroic downtime research finding the names of survivors from the USGS survey team involving Halloran and Bolland.
Other research shows a mining camp optimistically called Wellville in the hills southwest of CaƱon City. This was in the area surveyed by the team and also a location of claims subsequently owned by Bolland.

Sweetwater is healing from it’s many wounds and has a much more established demeanour (( please send me a PM with any of the things I said that I’ve forgotten)). One new Arrival is Freddie Crafts, a rancher with 2 young men and a boy in tow. Since he’s just travelled in by that road, our heroes take Crafts along on the 2 day ride out to the old Wellville Camp. On the way, they discover Mr Crafts has the soul of a poet, and a fondness for gazing at the stars in order to contemplate heavenly glory. Rackworth attepts to peddle cures for pederasts to him.

The camp is deserted and overgrown. Valuables have been taken, and provisions so the place wasn’t evacuated in a complete panic. Things that do remain are blankets and low value awkward to carry things like cot beds. People probably left too swiftly to organise wagons.

A path leads away from the camp through the woods alongside the creek. Ayasha scouts and reports a clearing with ‘Bad Medicine’ in it. Our heroes head down the dark dark path, with unease creeping into their bones with every step.

BANG! Rackworth kills a bush.
whicker Buck hears what sounds like Indian ponies further up the ridge in the forest but can’t see them.
BOOM! Liam throws dynamite at a different bush.

And the party charge into the clearing in good(!) order.

roll initiative

[Next session is Sep 12th for WoD. (D+D on 5th Sept ) ]



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