Gold and Lead

Implementing the plan

Well, I must say that my plan is going rather well so far. Those brigands played right into my hands by taking out the sheriff on the train, that was really overstepping a mark! The evidence that they were behind the attacks on the ATSF assets was planted successfully (so my men inform me), and although they won’t believe it’s authentic, after the blatant attack on the lawman the ATSF would be fools not to go along with it.

Taking out the enemy troops was hard going, and brought up some memories I’d rather have left undisturbed, but went about as well as these things ever can. The hunters handled themselves pretty well, given that they are not military men whilst their opponents most certainly were. They disrupted the enemies’ retreat and held them in place long enough for the posse lead by myself and Buck to get to the scene without riding into an ambush. Once there my inspiring leadership and body of more experienced men was enough to sweep through the disrupted foe, smashing aside what little resistance they could offer.

Better still, Buck managed to take one of the enemy alive, which allows us to move to phase three of the plan. We need to make sure he stands trial, and that the ATSF are called upon to give evidence of how his band tried to blackmail them. Being seen to turn on their own, and hang them out to dry when things get rough should put a dent in their ability to move against us again in this way. To take best advantage of this, I think we need someone to put word out that these men really did work for ATSF. Perhaps Liam could use his contacts? However this plays out, I want to make sure everyone knows not only the depths ATSF are prepared to sink to, but also how fast they are to turn on their own in the face of trouble. If we can do this well enough to make the few survivors who escaped us go after them for vengance, that would be positively delicious…


ooh, courtroom drama…

Implementing the plan

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