Gold and Lead

Isn't the City Exciting!

Tokyo's Shopping

I am just loving our little vacation in the city. Daddy’s taken me to see some shows, I’ve gotten fantastic new outfits, and I looked simply divine during the trial… however short. Daddy did not seem pleased, but I’ve been having too much fun to worry about what he’s up to.

There are even some handsome men here!

I have ordered a beautiful Maccaw and cannot wait for it to arrive. An Aviary is being built at our new house for it. Puppy seems well too, such a moron but let it not be said that I never help the needy!

It’s not all sunshine though, some horrid little brat stole my purse! I could not believe such audacity. Daddy made up for it by buying me a better one though, so it could be worse I suppose…




Tsk, I blame the parents… ;)

Isn't the City Exciting!

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