Gold and Lead

Isn't the city exciting (part 2)

The execution of Charles Sullivan approaches.

  1. Sophia experiments with places to conceal a hatpin.
  2. Dr Brendon, Buck, Ayasha and Colt carefully observe a nondescript house a few blocks away from the hotel.
  3. Rackworth awaits concealed under the boardwalk of the jail for potential rescuers
  4. Liam has rounded up some additional assistance and is returning to the jail to ‘carry out his orders’
  5. Hired hunters loiter near the jail
  6. Acting Sheriff Tim Hanshaw hopes you’ll all go away
  7. The manager of the Imperial Hotel fields messages for the absent Mr Brendon

Also, Buck is contemplating sending Ayasha off to the jail to get some additional help (Not sure in the packing up whether Brendon noticed this possibility or whether it’d merit discussion)



See you tomorrow for exciting hostage rescue, with shotguns!

Isn't the city exciting (part 2)

Well, there was no false advertising there. It was exciting. A hostage was rescued. And there was liberal use of shotguns.

Isn't the city exciting (part 2)

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