Gold and Lead


The Party found the smoke issuing from the top of the hill. They climbed down a crevasse or fissure to find a pinch-point that only Buck and Colt went to wriggle through. They reported some rocks, maybe some glowing rocks beyond. Colt seems convinced they’re valuable and useful rocks.

Returning up top, there was gunfire from the watchers and a profound belief that wolves were stalking them again. Things settle down and the party rest the night back at the camp, having set boobytraps. Bob dies in the night, no wolves attack.

Sophia runs off at first light on Mr Schnookums, pursued by Buck. He kills her horse, and out heroes return with a stroppy sixteen-year-old tied to the back of a horse.

Returning to CaƱon City they go to the Land Registry and register a new Claim on the mine since it’s been unworked in Colt’s name. He agrees to sign all profit from it over to Brendon. The Clerk reports increased interest in the area from a giant, and a deputy. Not one of Tim’s, but one of the Deuputy Marshals, likely one of Forster’s men.

The party return to Sweetwater to find it much improved. Crazy Bill, Schmidt and Scanlon all report that Forster and his deputies have been all over, asking questions, making notes and asking more questions regarding the Brendon posse. Often these questions seem to pertain to Weibe.

Brendon engages Hank Chambers to borrow some of the workforce to excavate the mine area in Wellville. One of Chambers’ larger employees isn’t present and seems to have been unreliable around the full moon in recent months. Brendon posts a bounty on wolf-pelts in the Wellville area.

There’s a quite civil luncheon between Forster and Brendon where they discuss Weibe’s conduct and the night of the explosions, a lot. The deputies present take notes.



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