Gold and Lead

Tokyo's Plans

While you were out shooting people...

So, Tokyo’s been seriously traumatised lately. Her dog’s died, she nearly killed Alex, Daddy nearly died! And her house has been blown to pieces.

As it’s only been a couple of days since the last ‘event’, she is quite upset about her father going out again. She’s busied herself for some of the time organising for a new house to be built, and having the livery’s buildings stabilised and such.

The new house will be about 100yd further down the road than the old one, further from the town. She’s also going to insist on a chapel being installed near to where the sheriff’s compound was. Obviously, God is angry with us for not doing this sooner!

She’s also taken a trip to Canon City to commission some new dresses and a baby Macaw to be brought in from Mexico. She’s bought a new puppy there for the meantime. It’s a mongrel called Cinderella.


Ace. Things will be a bit quieter for a bit, maybe .

Tokyo's Plans

Erm, Chateau Brendan is still standing… Not in a great state of repair, but there was no blast that I recall that took out any of the structure. That was Alex, Higgs, and yes, Eeven Bucks shot to open the safe store.

Tokyo's Plans

Although JayJay’s right about the house not having been blown to pieces, it did have the attention of a pair of determined people equipped with hammers and pry bars trying to take it apart! It might be less work to just start over and make a new house, perhaps one with a nice sturdy cellar in which to shelter from explosions….

Tokyo's Plans

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