Gold and Lead

Trials of Life

Mr Brendon is acquitted by a quality legal team, and some canny preparations. Also, he was innocent, but they weren’t going to let that be the sole decider.

Mr Bolland, finely muttonchopped manager of the AT+SF RR company is apparently dead. Slain by something with anger management issues. Identification is hard to be conclusive. The corpse is a man of the appropriate size and build of Bolland. The housekeeper reports Bolland retiring for the evening as usual to his room. Closer examination of the hairline and fragments of face skin appear to be similar to Bolland’s hair. Mr Fincher of AT+SF will provide a positive ID of the body, once he’s finished throwing up.

Sophia investigates newspaper archives and discovers that Bolland owns a number of claims in the hills around. Hanlon, the dead rancher from last month, was a member of an army scout survey team for the USGS several years ago. Martin Ryan of the CaƱon City Express will dig further regarding any potential claims and more specific areas surveyed.


In the downtime, Sophia would like to try to find out the names of the other members of Hanlon’s scout survey team, using Martin Ryan as a first point of contact, and Daddy’s old army contacts if need be.

She’ll check in with the food supplier for her livery yard on the off chance that he knows anything about these attacks. She’d also like to get in touch with the other newspapers and persuade them to have a look back and see if there were any unusual incidents involving a survey team in the past 50-60 years (well, Bolland just looked old).

I’ll post more as I think of it :)

Trials of Life

Buck will be focussed on getting his “New, Improved” jail-house built, and getting another good horse. He will send Ayasha off to do some “footwork” (Investigation) regarding the USGS team that came through these parts a few years ago, and what indians they annoyed while doing so.

He will also check with people in the area to see if there were any gold or silver fever incidents in recent memory.

Trials of Life

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