Gold and Lead

Weibe's status report 18/2/1873

Report on the status of allies and the situation on reaching the town of Sweetwater. Private.

(OOC this is not known by your characters unless you are in my telegram chest)

Early risings for the group, in order to get to comfort – David’s decision. Good progress made.

Halfway there (5km from Sweetwater) the party was ambushed by native indians. Rackworth took two down and Lucas another two. Delvin finishes off the last. Rackworth receives arrow to shoulder and another wound from tomahawk. Indian arrow takes the driver of Brendon’s carriage in the gut.

Rackworth tends to himself then the driver is taken to the town. Babsy claims his position.

Key figures in the travelling group:
David Brendon – remained calm and in command throughout the ordeal – manipulated by his daughter
Sophia ‘Tokyo’ Brendon – demanding and unladylike
Rackworth – a sharp intellect and an even sharper sword – blunt socially
Lucas Buck – a dangerous man with a talent for guns – best to keep away from disputes
Devlin – erratic and prone to using explosives – keeps company with the rough types
Babsy – opinion not formed yet – keeps company with the rough types
Elenya – auntie in law of David – a potential risk
Ayasha Buck – speaks little but is confident in her actions – a potential risk due to beauty


Buck not Black :P Same as my ‘niece’.
- Lucas

Weibe's status report 18/2/1873

If you want something to be genuinely secret from a character, don’t tell the players!

You can always tell me, though.

Weibe's status report 18/2/1873

I feel that it gives the players a clue as to whether they have ‘come across’ as what they intended their character to be. Still, there are pros and cons to everything.

Weibe's status report 18/2/1873

Excuse me! Tokyo is well ladylike! Riding side saddle… erm…wearing a dress! lol :) Nice Report.

Weibe's status report 18/2/1873

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