What I want.


Concept: A few words describing who they are.

Hook: How they come to know, and be reasonably trusted by David Brendon, the Railroad Manager. He seems to have arranged quite a sweet setup in Sweetwater.

Strengths: What are they good at? Describe something that happened you feel illustrates this.

A Secret: What’s happened that they’d rather remained unknown? Again, describe how this all went down. (This doesn’t have to be a DARK SECRET (tm) – Just something they’d prefer wasn’t public knowledge)

Age: How old are they? The Civil War ended 8 years ago. How did the war affect them?

Killer: Have they killed a person, yet? If so, describe the first and how it happened.

Motivation: What do they want out of life. For the next couple of days.


The fluff is the important bit!

  1. Write some background, considering the above points. Do it offline, so that OP doesn’t eat it!)
  2. Send it to me!
  3. Post some abridged version on OP. If you don’t want other characters knowing something – it’s best not to tell the players…
  4. You can always tell me, though!


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