Gold and Lead

Isn't the city exciting (part 2)

The execution of Charles Sullivan approaches.

  1. Sophia experiments with places to conceal a hatpin.
  2. Dr Brendon, Buck, Ayasha and Colt carefully observe a nondescript house a few blocks away from the hotel.
  3. Rackworth awaits concealed under the boardwalk of the jail for potential rescuers
  4. Liam has rounded up some additional assistance and is returning to the jail to ‘carry out his orders’
  5. Hired hunters loiter near the jail
  6. Acting Sheriff Tim Hanshaw hopes you’ll all go away
  7. The manager of the Imperial Hotel fields messages for the absent Mr Brendon

Also, Buck is contemplating sending Ayasha off to the jail to get some additional help (Not sure in the packing up whether Brendon noticed this possibility or whether it’d merit discussion)

Isn't the City Exciting!
Tokyo's Shopping

I am just loving our little vacation in the city. Daddy’s taken me to see some shows, I’ve gotten fantastic new outfits, and I looked simply divine during the trial… however short. Daddy did not seem pleased, but I’ve been having too much fun to worry about what he’s up to.

There are even some handsome men here!

I have ordered a beautiful Maccaw and cannot wait for it to arrive. An Aviary is being built at our new house for it. Puppy seems well too, such a moron but let it not be said that I never help the needy!

It’s not all sunshine though, some horrid little brat stole my purse! I could not believe such audacity. Daddy made up for it by buying me a better one though, so it could be worse I suppose…



Implementing the plan

Well, I must say that my plan is going rather well so far. Those brigands played right into my hands by taking out the sheriff on the train, that was really overstepping a mark! The evidence that they were behind the attacks on the ATSF assets was planted successfully (so my men inform me), and although they won’t believe it’s authentic, after the blatant attack on the lawman the ATSF would be fools not to go along with it.

Taking out the enemy troops was hard going, and brought up some memories I’d rather have left undisturbed, but went about as well as these things ever can. The hunters handled themselves pretty well, given that they are not military men whilst their opponents most certainly were. They disrupted the enemies’ retreat and held them in place long enough for the posse lead by myself and Buck to get to the scene without riding into an ambush. Once there my inspiring leadership and body of more experienced men was enough to sweep through the disrupted foe, smashing aside what little resistance they could offer.

Better still, Buck managed to take one of the enemy alive, which allows us to move to phase three of the plan. We need to make sure he stands trial, and that the ATSF are called upon to give evidence of how his band tried to blackmail them. Being seen to turn on their own, and hang them out to dry when things get rough should put a dent in their ability to move against us again in this way. To take best advantage of this, I think we need someone to put word out that these men really did work for ATSF. Perhaps Liam could use his contacts? However this plays out, I want to make sure everyone knows not only the depths ATSF are prepared to sink to, but also how fast they are to turn on their own in the face of trouble. If we can do this well enough to make the few survivors who escaped us go after them for vengance, that would be positively delicious…

Tokyo's Plans
While you were out shooting people...

So, Tokyo’s been seriously traumatised lately. Her dog’s died, she nearly killed Alex, Daddy nearly died! And her house has been blown to pieces.

As it’s only been a couple of days since the last ‘event’, she is quite upset about her father going out again. She’s busied herself for some of the time organising for a new house to be built, and having the livery’s buildings stabilised and such.

The new house will be about 100yd further down the road than the old one, further from the town. She’s also going to insist on a chapel being installed near to where the sheriff’s compound was. Obviously, God is angry with us for not doing this sooner!

She’s also taken a trip to Canon City to commission some new dresses and a baby Macaw to be brought in from Mexico. She’s bought a new puppy there for the meantime. It’s a mongrel called Cinderella.

Damage Limitation

Rackworth maintains composure and treats the wounded
Sophia enlists the help of the tent city trappers to donate furs to keep the disposessed and wounded warm
Colt displays admirable common sense regarding potentially explosive buildings and also helps with makeshift repairs and firefighting
Alex fails to find explosives at Chateau Brendon
Liam and Buck apprehend Alex and Higgs in the action of ‘investigating’ the Chateau
Mr Brendon makes a tough decision

It’s 3 RL weeks until next session.
Get the story straight regarding what happened to Alex! He was seen post explosion by a number of townsfolk. He was also seen leaving towards the station by several.
Even if you don’t send a message of condolence to Governor McCook – you’ll want to explain his sudden absence to Rackworth and Colt and Sophia.

Other things on the go:

  • Investigating rumours of sabotage at the ATSF – Mr Colt was earmarked for equipment inspection
  • Keeping an eye on Jared and the Surveyors
  • The Grand Plan – Might be missing its accountancy analyst – maybe see if Sophia has a head for numbers?
  • Strange things afoot involving mist and attacks, possibly indian related
  • The Grand opening of the Railroad station and railyards at Cañon City – UPRR is the current provider. (ATSF have also purchased land for sheds and rolling stock in anticipation of getting track up there at some point.
Tokyo's Diary
OOC: What she was probably up to, please correct if this don't fit Ref :)

Dear Diary,

I just don’t know what to think right now. That beast Alexander killed my precious Princess, and now the town Gaol has been blown to pieces and all our windows are gone!

What type of monstrous place have we moved to?

I’ve left Cletus in charge of the livery for the moment as I simply can’t bear it!

I had brunch with Aunt Elenya this morning. It did help a litte to talk about my Princess… There are a few tear drops on this page
I just can’t believe she is gone.

My father announced that the beast would live, which I suppose is good. I mean, I’m far too ladylike to be a killer.

I couldn’t bear his presence for long, so I have remained in my freezing cold room beneath the sheets with only this whiskey for company. I still don’t understand why I couldn’t bring Mr. Shnookums upstairs. He is cleaner than the scum Daddy deals with every day! I HATE THIS I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!!!!

[OOC] Admin

Hi all,

  • It looks like Paul+Jody have started another game up that a sparkly new person wanted to play in.
  • Rod may be starting his D+D game in a couple or 4 weeks to run the same week as this WoD game.

In terms of player management for the community – I’d rather we had 2 games going with 4 players each than one game with 6-7 players and one game struggling with 2. It’s more resilient if someone can’t make a week. I also worry a bit that with a large group in the WoD, it’s not quite as personal or character driven as it could be with a smaller cast of protagonists.

Things in Sweetwater could be about to get messier, depending on how stuff is handled.

With that in mind, how would you feel if when one of your characters dies the player goes over to another game rather than creating another Westerner in this campaign. If there’s massive butchery or a TPK (for whatever reason) we can discuss how we want to proceed.

Don’t worry! – I’m not planning a massacre, or a gladiatorial contest to see who stays. Just putting the suggestion out there that natural wastage isn’t replaced to see how you folks feel.

Weibe's Status Report
1/5/1873 - Private

Woke earlier this week with a blinding headache, the doctor has been treating me for a while now and requires some fees – $165. After I gathered the bill I was ‘debriefed’ by Brendon. I dont hold feelings against Sophia, she obviously is at that time of month, and I cannot understand such nonsense. With the late onset of the condition and the circumstances where I have wielded ending up with more pain on all sides, especially mine, I have taken to pacifism. For the last week I went to Cañon City and I am now renting a house in order to have some base of income – now that I have medical bills (unpaid for by the company), reduced wages and gambling losses to account for. I returned and the day passed quickly enough. At circa 20pm there were multiple explosions, I have gone to investigate now.

All is going according to plan
but then, it was a fairly open ended plan...

The musings and machinations of the most astute Dr Brendon.

In my talks with the good folk of Sweetwater, some rather alarming news reached my ears.

I heard that our fellow railroad pioneers, the ATSF, had suffered from some major setbacks. These seemed to be deliberate in nature, and whilst I have no reports of casualties, such was the scale that some are to be expected. This is a most unfortunate turn of events, and we of the Union Pacific Railroad Company will stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers, the ATSF, as we confront whomsoever seeks to unduly profit from our labours.

My suspicions are based upon the pattern of the attacks, which match perfectly with previous experiences I have had in the railroad business. Underhanded and dastardly folk band together to strike at our valuable yet exposed infrastructure, knowing they can disrupt it enough to heavily impact our profits. Demands for money are then made, and such attacks do not stop until the perpetrators are paid off or brought to justice. Such is the value of our labours that even their exorbitant demands are cheaper than the lost profits. Due to this, some men of less moral fibre than myself are prone to paying their demands.

And so I fear is the case with the ATSF, for the attacks upon them are now observed to have come to an abrupt stop. Regrettably, despite our desire for solidarity, it seems that it falls to me to defend both our companies against these jackals. However, even if they will not help themselves, I will help them, in the spirit of brotherhood on which our great nation is founded.

Sure enough, having extorted their bounty from their first victims, the crooks rolled into Sweetwater, intent on repeating their crime. And what a group they were. Heavily armed, well supplied, and seeming to act with a competence born of long years working together. Surely they have the stains of many past and horrible crimes upon their souls. Yet for all their seeming professionalism, they were not able to act up to even their flimsy cover story, Peter Colt seeing through their ruse in minutes.

As I expected, although I must admit somewhat sooner than I had anticipated, they struck their first blow. They did this with the intent of proving they have the means and will to carry out the acts they will shortly threaten. Their next step will be to send to me a first demand for ransom to be paid. If I attempt to pay it they will no doubt not meet to collect, and instead prey upon my weakness and increase the amount they demand. But I am not weak, and I will bring them down!

In order to do this, some investigation will be needed. Sheriff Buck, once he has calmed down from the rage which attacks against those he holds dear inspire in him, will be key to this. He will be assisted by both Peter Colt and Alexander Weibe, who will investigate the ATSF’s reports of sabotage. Lucas has already obtained the necessary permissions from the county sheriff to carry out this investigation. I have every confidence that Peter will find that the ATSF’s machinery is in full working order, ruling out the impossibility of this being the cause of their problems. Meanwhile Alexander will go through their books where I am sure that he will find no record of this band of so called surveyors on their payroll, but will find at least one large cash payment which is not properly accounted for. If we are lucky he or Lucas will find further evidence linking this cash payment to the culprits. Sadly, since they previously lacked the backbone to stand up to these low-lifes, I do not expect them to develop this after they have paid them off.

Whilst this is going on, Liam will busy himself doing what he can to protect Sweetwater and our operations from further attacks, whilst Dr Rackworth puts his considerable talents to use tending to the injured survivors of the recent attack.

Once Lucas and his deputies return with their evidence, and I hand over the inevitable blackmail note, it should be a simple matter of his presenting this evidence to the county sheriff who’s duty it will then be to round up a posse and wipe out these vermin.

As mayor it is my duty to hold my people together and bolster their will in these difficult times. If I have to fund their medical treatment and every member of the posse myself, I will do it, such is my determination to avenge the wrong that has been done to them!

Boom town

Some downtime in which:

  • Alexander convalesced and was near miraculaously healed by the ministrations of Dr Rackworth.
  • The AT&SF railroad complained of sabotage, especially noting the destruction of the newly enhanced Providence bridge.
  • Sophia flounced about in a huff and required more dresses sent from Paris, France (probably).
  • Brendon consolidated contact with the town and miners while the diligent but overweight railroad foreman supervised the trackage heading up towards Cañon City.
  • Rackworth and Colt conspired to make Arcane and Technickal devices mostly using the debts of Alex’s medical treatment.
  • Liam may have performed some excursions back east towards the AT&SF infrastructure.
  • Sheriff Buck considers hiring additional deputies.

New Arrivals

  • Some surveyors for the AT&SF arrived 4-5 days after the reports of sabotage came in.
  • Some surveyors left town to go and survey stuff. With all their guns and a variety of equipment.
  • Some planning was carried out in small huddles.

Some explosions…


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