Experience Points

Chapter XP

  • Awarded after a session. Usually between 1 and 5 xp
  • Automatic! You get an XP for turning up and playing.
  • Learning Curve – What did your character learn? Make a suggestion and see if I agree with it.
  • Roleplaying – Entertaining or appropriate – this is a good point to shoot for.
  • Heroism – Did the character do something heroic (but not stupid or suicidal) or otherwise rise to the occasion?
  • Session writeups – what your character thinks about what’s happening. I like reading them, and you can send them to me secretly.

Story XP

  • Awarded after a story, or plot arc in the warm glow of reflection or self-awareness after something is complete.
  • Success! – Did the characters succeed in their goals?
  • Danger! – Did the characters survive harsh odds and Grave Danger?
  • Wisdom! – Did the player come up with something brilliant or spontaneous that actually helped.

Spending XP

  • Needs some practice or training for new things
  • Attributes – The New dot rating x5
  • Skills – The New dot rating x3
  • Skill Specialty – 3 points
  • Merit – New dots x2


  • Abe wants to improve his trusty sidekick retainer from 2 to 3 dots – this costs 6xp.
  • Billy wants to be a gunslinger – he has no dots in that 3-dot merit – this costs 2+4+6 = 12xp

Experience Points

Gold and Lead sciolist