Healing and Medicine

First Aid

  • Each roll is about a minute’s work (20 combat rounds)
  • Dex + Medicine + equipment bonuses
  • An extended test. You keep rolling until you get bored or you get enough successes.
  • Target # successes = Total health points lost by the patient.
  • Success regains one health level lost to bashing damage or stabilises a dying/bleeding person
  • Only one health point can be regained in this way per day (in addition to natural healing)

Intensive Care – Most severe is healed first

  • Each roll is an hour’s work
  • Int + Medicine + equipment and requires some appropriate facilities
  • Extended test.
  • 5 successes will downgrade a lethal wound to bashing
  • 10 successes will downgrade an aggravated wound to lethal
  • Only one downgrade is possible per day of care.


  • Surgeons tools or a field surgical kit +1
  • Military surgical kit +2
  • Lack of tools -(1-4)
  • Distractions (weather, noise) -2
  • Imminent danger -4

Natural healing – Least severe is healed first.

  • 1 point of Bashing damage is regained per 15 minutes
  • 1 point of Lethal damage is regained in 2 days
  • 1 point of aggravated is regained in a week

Healing and Medicine

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