Gold and Lead

Weibe's status report 19/2/1873

Report on the status of allies and the situation having reached the town of Sweetwater. Private.

(OOC this is not known by your characters unless you are in my telegram chest)

We took the trail onwards after our incident. Sweetwater is situated at the bottom of a valley next to coal creek.

I had much to do upon arriving – driver still injured but recovering. DB and LB realise that DB’s associate Francis Renfrew is missing. Dissection of Indian corpse after dinner – Rackworth is beginning to help me (RW buys gun $40 for me in the morn > will pay back in time). Currently housed in the hotel – room 4 – with Elenya. We head out in the morning to locate FR.

Actions of the key figures:
David Brendon – keeps up company business
Sophia ‘Tokyo’ Brendon – spends time in room 1 – activities unknown
Rackworth – medical skills proven once again – owe $40
Lucas Buck – spent time planning a building
Devlin – made contact with SO’r under influence of alcohol
Babsy – met up with uncle Johann
Elenya – read in room 4 and occasionally entered room 1
Francis Renfrew – missing company-man – presumed WIA
TC – Hotel owner
Shamus O’Reilly – irish crime-lord
Ayasha Buck – keeps to room 1



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