Diary Entry - Arrival at Sweetwater

Sweetwater? More like backwater. I have seen more civilisation on Battle Creek than I did when we arrived at this damn hick town. We arrioved in town in the afternoon, and by early evening we had seen all of it that we really needed to. There’s no law, no officials, no ANYTHINg in this place except second-rate hotels and bars, and a few dozen trader tents.

While looking around, I did some footwork, got the lay of the land and set the foundations for a decent jailhouse near the ‘main’ street. Main Street. Ha. Such a joke. But by the time I am done, at least we will have a more defensible position than the broken down old hotel that passes for “top class” in this pissant little town.

The main force in town seem to be the Irish. Led by Seamus O’Carroll, who also runs the Livery Stables. From what Liam was saying in his few sober moments they seem to be involved in protection rackets and such like. Might be a wise course of action to Deputise Seamus when I officially get installed as Sheriff. It’s always better to have the biggest troublemaker working with you, than against you. And he would be less likely to balk at having law in the town if he thought he had some pull within it. David seems to be of the same opinion.

Speaking of David, it seems that his contact in town is missing. Been gone about a day. With the indian raids in the area, and the enemies of the railroads, I don’t hold out much hope for him, but we can at least look. So I suggested installing the girls in the brothel, for safety. It’s the last place anyone would look for someone of sophias refinement. Ayasha will stay with them, fopr protection should the people responsible for Mr Renfrews disappearance decide to use them as leverage. They will get a nasty shock from the ‘dumb savage’.

Before we go anywhere, I need to buy another Pistol. A .45, I think. and some ammo. The .38 is okay for in-town work, but I think I’ll need more punch for this li’l run. Maybe look into getting a Shotgun or two when I get back.

Oh well, David is calling, time to ride.

Diary Entry - Arrival at Sweetwater

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