Diary Entry - Explosion in Sweetwater

This evening there was an incident in the town of sweetwater that needs serious investigation and head crackin’.

Someone blew up My jailhouse! Oh, and they blew up the doctors place too. But the jailhouse was a problem, as the dynamite was being stored behind it.

Luckily, Ayasha wasn’t there, or I’d be even madder than I am. Someone was apparently breaking in to the railway office, and she went to investigate, leaving the Jail unguarded. Before she got back the explosion took out the centre few blocks of town. I think it’s that damn gambler and spy who has been hanging round the town for the last few weeks. When the docotrrs place went up, he didnt seem the slightest surprised, and was only a few doors away from the Jail, when it went up…a long fuse on the dynamite would have given him plenty of retreat time. I think he and I are going to have a few words. He destroyed my house and the sumbeach is gonna pay.

I hope I can keep David distracted long enough to “investigate” this by myself. I don’t want any distractions from making that slippery yellow belly pay.

Diary Entry - Explosion in Sweetwater

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